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Windows Phone 8 Review

PCB are here to stay Its true: Windows Phone 8 is obviously still very tile-experience, so if youre not a fan of them in the first place, it is unlikely to be persuaded to adopt Windows Phone.

The good news is, for those who do not use that particular interface, live tiles are much better implemented this time.

For one, the tiles are scalable, allowing more personalization to the homescreen.

I admit that they can not be chosen arbitrarily, come on, that would simply be chaos.

On the contrary, users can choose from three sizes: large, medium or small.

The first two were available on Windows Phone 7(they were column-width rectangle and square, respectively), but the addition of a compact connected things up a bit, with four small plates corresponds to a medium plate.

In addition to adding a little more freedom to customize, its also more convenient to compress some of the applications in less space with small plates and get as many of them are shown on the screen at once.

I rather do not like having to scroll down for miles to get to one of my tiles screen, as it kind of desirability.

As for the content of the live tiles, they seem to update more frequently and more information.

And most importantly, live features tile work with the applications of many more now – the ones that are “optimized” for the OS – allowing them to display the information in real time without having to run them.

But more on that later.

On the same note of personalization, lock screen now has a few extra features, such as displaying both “specific” and “quick” status of applications to choose from, so you can turn on the phone and the other information you need just enough to look at it without unlocking anything.

You can select only one application, which can be drawn “specific” conditions, so choose wisely chosen an application, so the sender, subject, and the first line of my last e-mail received is displayed on the lock screen.

You have a little more flexibility in the “quick” status, as you can select five applications, but also offer information only for icons and numbers(eg envelope of 13 next to it is 13 unread messages, but thats all the information you can get).

image on the lock screen can also be used to change from time to time by yourself if youre not one to watch the same static image every time you turn the phone.

But pictures do not just have to be pulled from a local camera roll.

You can do things like connect

window phone apps  so photos of you or your friends are regularly switched the screen lock Applications and System Accessories Its good that Microsoft is trying to put more emphasis on how to integrate applications with the operating system, this time, especially since both the quality and selection of the app the app was a bit lacking in Windows Phone 7 As mentioned, there are now optimized applications and work extremely well with both platelet Live(if the application supports the plate is indicated in the store), and other aspects of the Windows Phone eighth Applications can now do push notifications, you gather information without having to open an application or, in some cases, even without the need to go further than the screen lock.

Is the news story on CNN? I now get a buzz on my phone, as I do, if I got a text message or e-mail.

The same applies to notifications on Facebook and reportedly a new application Sense data(used to track and make more efficient use of data) can take notice, as well, but I have not been able to verify that since I was with AT & T and Verizon handset will be the first carrier to support it.

He said he was Store – as it is now called, no more Marketplace – its a little light on the optimized application at the moment, but I can say that as more observation than criticism.

Windows Phone 8 is not yet available to the public yet, so I can not possibly fault the operating system on it, when its simply a matter that he was so young.

But it was still a lot to fool around with it now.

A few applications actually baked in me, especially the new Xbox MUSICAL to sync my library so painlessly, when signed into my account on my phone Microsoft Windows 8 handset that initially do not realize that it had happened.

I went to the plate Xbox Music with any intention of finding my previously downloaded songs in the catalog and re-downloading them one by one.

Instead, all my library already synced and I was able to stream all my music without having to do one thing, with the option to download them to my phone to the local stage if I wanted to.

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